What will a deep house yoga session cover and how will it be taught?

Fully qualified yoga teacher, TJ, has been practicing yoga since she was 8.

Gabe has been spinning vinyl for a similar time. This session brings you the best music to move your human stuff to. Yoga will be clearly taught throughout the session. Rest assured, this is gonna be a challenge, but most definitely a safe one.

Who is it suitable for?

Deep house yoga sessions are suitable for all. We'll show you the way, for each pose. Any injuries, creeks or croaks you need to tell us about, drop us an email, or tell us about it before we start. Following a deephouse sesh, you'll feel as tall as a tree, strong as a warrior and as insightful as an eagle. 

What do I need to wear or bring with me?

Deep house yoga will have you chilling, moving, stretching and chilling again. Most important, be comfy. Wear whatever allows you to move, smile and stretch. Gym, sports or yoga gear all good. Oh and your fave, cozy warm sweater to get you snuggly at the end of the class. Yoga mats and blocks will be provided.



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